Local Artists: Turn trash into treasured public art, compete for $5,000

The Exchange today announced it is accepting applications from local artists interested in turning trash into treasured public art and competing for a $5,000 grand prize.

Four artists will be selected to transform unwanted materials donated by local businesses into an Upcycled Macho Movie Art Walk for public display on October 15 and 16 as part of Manifesto, an outdoor festival on Film Row celebrating the modern man.

According to Rachel Hernandez, president of The Exchange, two blocks of the historic Film Row neighborhood will be closed down for a weekend of festivities including games, shopping, wrestling exhibitions, food trucks and moustache competitions.

“We’re excited to see the result of challenging our local artists to step outside their comfort zones and form connections with people who may not be attracted by traditional arts-focused events,” Hernandez said.

Selected artists will be issued a classic “manly” movie to serve as the theme for their individual projects, and each will have two months to complete construction using the donated materials.

The winner will be chosen prior to the public viewing by a panel of their peers, based on quality, innovation and adherence to theme.

The deadline to apply is midnight on August 1, and there is a $10 application fee.

Artist selections will be announced on August 5.

For more information or to request an application, please contact Allison May, (405) 601-9200. Applications are also available online.

The Exchange is an Oklahoma City-based events company that specializes in the creation and management of innovative special occasions. It is an example of the entrepreneurial spirit that forms the backbone of Oklahoma’s creative economy.