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Filmmakers fight to preserve incentive

Supporters of Oklahoma’s infant motion picture industry are on a mission to preserve a $5 million incentive program at a time when other states are scaling back their film subsidies. In the past four years, state rebates have helped finance 20 feature films with production in Oklahoma, including 2010′s “The Killer Inside Me” featuring Casey […]

Oklahoma legislators seek to eliminate all funding to OETA

Two state legislators, Sen. Anthony Sykes (R-Moore) and Rep. Leslie Osborn (R-Tuttle), have proposed zero-funding for OETA, the statewide educational television network. While the move wouldn’t kill the state signal for Big Bird and ”Antiques Roadshow,” it would mean a lot fewer Oklahomans would be able to get it, the executive director of OETA said. […]

New Hampshire Arts Under Fire

New Hampshire State Capitol | March 2011 | Courtesy New Hampshire Citizens for the Arts Last year, when the New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources (counterpart to the Oklahoma Arts Council) was at risk for major budget cuts, 250 arts supported joined a crowd of more than 4,000 to protest. Persuasive arguments in support of […]

School Board Election Survey, Oklahoma and Tulsa County

Oklahomans for the Arts is pleased to announces its first survey of school board candidates. All candidates are welcome to take the survey; however, based on limited resources, hard-copy notification of the survey was only sent to candidates in the five largest counties in the state. The survey provides an opportunity for candidates to articulate […]

2011 Year in Review: Public Funding for the Arts

Click to enlarge. –Jennifer

9 State Arts License Plates

If you had the opportunity to buy a special license plate that demonstrated your support of and love for the arts in Oklahoma, would you spring for it? Cross your fingers! We find out this week if we will have a bill number (i.e. proposed legislation) for a specialty plate for the arts is a […]

Request for Proposals: Web Redesign

REQUEST for PROPOSALS | Oklahomans for the Arts Oklahomans for the Arts With an emphasis on community organizing and grassroots mobilization, Oklahomans for the Arts is an arts advocacy organization working to create a healthy environment in which arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in Oklahoma. Assignment Overview Oklahomans for the […]

What does the new I-40 Crosstown mean for arts and culture?

It was an historic day in Oklahoma City as the eastbound lanes of the new I-40 Crosstown opened for traffic. Costing nearly $700 million, it is the largest road construction project in the state’s history. Click here to read the NewsOK article highlighting who was there and who spoke. Most striking were the words of […]

8 Ways to Advocate for the Arts in 2012

1.  Attend Arts Advocacy Day.Oklahomans for the Arts will organize the first Arts and Culture Advocacy Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol April 30. The event will feature booths, performances and demonstrations by arts, culture and humanities organizations across the state. Every year, organizations host events at the capitol to educate lawmakers about their causes. […]

Fowler Arts Education Award to Honor Extraordinary Efforts in Children’s Arts Education

The Norman Arts Council and Fowler Volkswagen of Norman have partnered to establish an annual award honoring extraordinary efforts in arts education. The Fowler Arts Education Award will be presented to an individual who has given back to the Norman community through educating children about the arts-music, theatre, art or other creative disciplines. The NAC […]