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HB 1895 to defund state arts council appears dead

Oklahoma State Capitol | January 2013 House Bill 1895, which proposed eliminating all funding to the Oklahoma Arts Council by 2017, won’t advance this year, according to Rep. Josh Cockroft, the bill’s author. Cockroft (R-Tecumseh) said H.B. 1895 has been assigned to the House Rules Committee, where it is unlikely to get a hearing this […]

OKC Chamber video highlights encounters with arts and culture in a city on the rise

Arts and culture receive a lot of play in the OKC Chamber’s new promotional video. There are mentions of Oklahoma City’s vibrant Western and Native American cultures; Deep Deuce; our growing Latino and Asian cultures; Oklahoma City Museum of Art; choral and theatre groups; the urban core; the Oklahoma City Philharmonic; Oklahoma City Ballet and […]

Kelly Ogle In Support of Oklahoma Arts Council

Since Oklahomans for the Arts announced HB 1895 over the weekend, there has been a groundswell of support for the Oklahoma Arts Council. The story has been covered by several media outlets across the state. Yesterday, longtime news anchor and commentator with KWTV-9, Kelly Ogle, offered his support to the Oklahoma Arts Council in his […]

Advocacy Tips and Resources

Arts Advocacy Best Practice: Don’t storm the castle. Oklahomans for the Arts has a companion website to this blog. It features a number of resources to help you advocate for public funding for the arts and the Oklahoma Arts Council. Please click here and review our “desktop lobbyist.” At the bottom of the page are […]

How Does the Oklahoma Legislature Work?

How do OFTA, the Arts Community and the Legislature fit together? Oklahomans for the Arts helps connect artists, patrons, business leaders and others with a state in arts and culture to their legislators. We monitor action at the Capitol so we can inform our members and the public about policy issues and legislation related to […]

Legislation Filed to Eliminate Arts Council Funding

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The Arts on OETA’s The Forum January 20

OETA’s The Forum with Dick Pryor will feature the arts and arts education in Oklahoma this Sunday, January 20. The show airs at 12:30 p.m. and will feature: Jennifer James McCollum, Executive Director, Oklahomans for the Arts Julia Kirt, Executive Director, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Kim Baker, Executive Director, Oklahoma Arts Council. Jean Hendrickson, Executive […]

The Arts Make Us Strong Comic Strip

Marek Bennett created the following comic strip as an advocacy piece for New Hampshire Citizens for the Arts in support of the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. It would be terrific to have one of these done for the Oklahoma Arts Council! Permission is granted to distribute this comic for educational & advocacy […]

Midtown Rotary, February 5

There will be a presentation by Oklahomans for the Arts at Midtown Rotary, 6 p.m., February 5. The meeting place is McNellie’s Pub in Midtown.  We will be covering our mission and work in arts advocacy. Also, by that time we will know of any state legislation that might be potentially impactful to public funding […]

KOSU Hosts Preview of the Legislative Session

As lawmakers return to Oklahoma City next month, they face some interesting challenges. Early estimates indicate they’ll have more money to spend than they have had in several years. So, does this mean it’s time for the tax cut the governor promised last year? Is it time to give raises to teachers and state employees? […]

Oklahoma Artist Network Advocacy Panel

The Oklahoma Artist Network will host a panel discussion on advocacy, Saturday, January 26, 2-4 p.m. Oklahomans for the Arts will participate on the panel. The event will take place at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Drive, Oklahoma City. Guests will submit questions to panelists regarding advocacy for the arts community and […]

Advocacy Training in Tulsa, OKC

Oklahomans for the Arts will participate in the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits 2013 Advocacy Forum January 23, in Tulsa and January 24, in Oklahoma City. In light of the current budget talks and the proposed cuts to deductions, nonprofits are more aware than ever of the importance of getting involved when it comes to issues […]

The Fiscal Cliff Vote: Implications for Arts Funding

The fiscal cliff: A major story for 2012. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of STATE ARTS AGENCIES — — As you are no doubt aware, on January 1 and 2, a series of tax and policy changes was set to occur that was so potentially devastating to the economy that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke dubbed it the […]