Email Your State Senator Today

Duncan Teen Little Theatre

July 2013 Duncan Little Theatre production involving teens was primarily funded through a grant from the Oklahoma Arts Council.

We’ve been sharing this message throughout the summer. The time to build a relationship with your state senator is not when the Oklahoma Arts Council is on the chopping block. The time to build the relationship is today.

If your organization is a recipient of public funding for the arts, make it your goal in August to send your Oklahoma State Senator a thoughtful email about the Oklahoma Arts Council. Tell him or her how the investment of public dollars is making a difference for your organization and community. Be specific. Be real.

OAC funding is not an entitlement. It is our obligation to educate these busy lawmakers about the value of these funds and how far they stretch across the state. Let’s make them proud of the funding they approve for investments in arts and culture!

We’ve made it super easy for you. Below is a list of all Oklahoma State Senators hyper-linked with their email addresses. All you have to do is figure out who your state senator is and you can do that by clicking here.

Next month, we’re going to ask you to send a message to your state representative.

Thank you!

Photo Credit: Screenshot via the Duncan Banner, Teens bring ‘Hillbillies to life

Oklahoma State Senators’ Email Addresses

(As of July 30, 2013)

Senator Cliff A. Aldridge

Senator Mark Allen

Senator Patrick Anderson

Senator Roger Ballenger

Senator Don Barrington

Senator Randy Bass

Senator Brian Bingman

Senator Larry Boggs

Senator Cliff Branan

Senator Josh Brecheen

Senator Rick Brinkley

Senator Corey Brooks

Senator Bill Brown

Burrage, Sean

Coates, Harry

Crain, Brian

Dahm, Nathan

David, Kim

Ellis, Jerry

Fields, Eddie

Ford, John

Garrison, Earl

Griffin, A J

Halligan, Jim

Holt, David

Ivester, Tom

Johnson, Constance

Johnson, Rob

Jolley, Clark

Justice, Ron

Loveless, Kyle

Marlatt, Bryce

Mazzei, Mike

McAffrey, Al

Newberry, Dan

Paddack, Susan

Schulz, Mike

Sharp, Ron

Shaw, Wayne

Shortey, Ralph

Shumate, Jabar

Simpson, Frank

Sparks, John

Standridge, Rob

Stanislawski, Gary

Sykes, Anthony

Treat, Greg

Wyrick, Charles