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January 12

On Alert: Norman Arts Roundtable Legislative Forum

The Norman Arts & Humanities Roundtable hosted their Legislative Forum on January 11, 2017. The Norman legislators raised short term concerns for state support for the arts and longer term tips for advocacy. The local arts sector has hosted this forum almost annually for 30 years according to chair Norman Hammond. The Roundtable brings together […]

January 10

Wait, Put Down that Phone: On Advocacy Strategy

The Oklahoma Legislative Session will begin soon, the first Tuesday in February. The news and activity level is ramping up. Whether based on informed reports or rumor, we will begin receiving warnings about potential legislation and budget choices impacting arts and culture. How do we deal with warnings about dangers to arts funding or arts […]

June 19

Advocacy Does Not Stop When Session Ends

The first session of the 54th Oklahoma Legislature ended on May 24, and won’t convene for the second session until February 3. It may be seven or eight more months before we have to lobby specific legislation that poses a risk to public funding for the arts, but we can’t wait that long to advocate. […]

May 18

No Chance At Life

Kate Eshelman just got the worst news. For an arts teacher anyway. On April 6, she wrote the following on her blog, Lessons From the K-12 Art Room: I just received news that the K-12 art program in my school district is being cut due to lack of funding.  While I am upset about losing […]